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Frequently Asked Questions

In the interests of Child Protection and safety we advise that no photography or recording of gymnastics sessions is permitted.

During a competition,  photographs or recording may be permitted at the approval of the competition organiser, however no flash photography or the use of a camera light is allowed. 


Children Under 12 years of Age

In the interests of child safety it is our policy that we ask that children under the age of 12 years old are collected from the gym and not allowed to walk out to the car park or go home by themselves.

Car Parking

Prior to 4.45pm, please use the gravel carpark area across the path from the gym. 

After this time the gates to the parking area behind the gym will be open and you can park in there.  Both can be reached via Grays Crescent (first right off Chequers Way).

PLEASE NOTE: There is NO ACCESS to the gym from Bulmershe School during the school day (8.30am-3.30pm).

What to wear

Our classes are fast paced and exciting. Please ensure children come with their own water bottle and are wearing suitable attire (close fitting shorts and t-shirt/leotard). 

Jewellery: Please remove all jewellery before coming to gym.  Religious jewellery needs to be securely covered before entering the gym hall.

Hair:  All hair that is below the jawline needs to be tied back.

Drop off and collection

Arrival:  Classes start promptly.  If your child is late, please make sure the coach knows your child has arrived.

Departing:  Please note that children under the age of 12 will not be allowed to leave the gym without an adult .  



Watching Weeks

Our viewing gallery curtain will be closed during normal classes.  Please check the dates for the diary page to see when viewing weeks are held. -Click Here-

Under the current Covid-19 restrictions, we will not be opening the curtain for viewing.

British Gymnastics Membership

All gymnasts are required to enrol with British Gymnastics before starting their class this is to ensure that they are covered for insurance purpose. Please click the link to enrol -BG enrolment-

British Gymnastics Rise Award Scheme

We currently follow the British Gymnastics Rise Award Scheme in our recreational programme. for more information click the link below         – Rise Awards Scheme –