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Here you can find relevant information and frequently asked questions.


Q: Who do I contact, if I would like to find out about another gymnastic classes or would like to change the time or day?


A: Contact our Membership manager on

Q: I left something at the gym how do I enquire about it?

A: Contact us with the details and we will let you know if it has been handed in. Alternatively come in during opening hours to see if it has           been found.

Q: What can I do if I am going to be late to collect my child?

A: If you are going to be very late, later than 15 minutes please don’t worry we typically wait up to 15 minutes then call you on the contact           number you have provided.

Q: Can I watch my child’s gymnastic session?

A: During the current covid endemic for everyones safety this is being discouraged, however for the under 5 years old where there is                  dependency. During a normal terms we have weeks designated for watching these are each term.

Q: Where can I get gymnastic attire or accessories from and is there a club uniform?

A: There are several outlets that you can purchase gymnastic attire, we have our own kit shop for Bulmershe merchandise. Alternative you        can search on the web for other retailers. We do not have a club uniform for recreational gymnastics however some squads and                    teams have them for displays and competitions etc.

Q: Who can I talk to about my child’s gymnastic progress or get advice on to help them progress?

A: In the first instance speak to their coach, they may be busy prior to or after a session but will generally make time for a quick update to      deal with a query. If the coach is busy they may suggest a one to one meeting at a more convenient time.

Q: When or how do I get informed if my child has passed a badge or award. 

A: Generally badge testing occurs once every term, your child will have to complete the required elements for that particular badge. If they have met the requirements you will be notified on the love admin system. If you are not notified they may not have completed all the specific requirements. (They will work towards these on the next badge testing session)