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Satellite Locations

No Satellites currently available

We’re taking over Berkshire! Due to such a high demand for our expertly delivered, second to none gymnastics classes we’ve branched out and opened two additional venues! These venues are manned by our same top quality coaches and follow an identical programme to our main site. Currently don’t offer offer any classes. 


These venues operates a more extensive range of gymnastics – following the Foundation, Intermediate & Advanced programme developed and delivered only by our team. The standard at this venue has exceeded our expectations so much that we’ve even had to add an additional level to our advanced programme which is exclusively available by invitation only!. 

Gymnasts who are lucky enough to train at these venues will also have the opportunity to meet their counterparts from our other sites at our Recreational Championships. These competitions run twice a year and provide all our gymnasts with an opportunity to show us what they’ve got in a fun and exciting day of competition and demonstrations from our GBR, national & regional gymnasts.

a typical satellite setup